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Yes it matters a lot to my daily life. 365 days I'm using it. And it always been very useful. Yes just booking and waiting dont works.. u should call for the driver and better ask him whether he makes this trip or not. By assuring in this way. U can have a problem less rides. And sometimes it is mess but it doesn't matter for the way it helped all the other days. Allo wallet is the best thing to daily life. And the rise in the promocode is little inconvenient.. and same i am not getting vouchers or any offers for using Allo for the whole year.


Allo is best service without any question. Several time when I reached to customer support things were cleared smoothly. But this time in need and couldn't reach them. So writing here. Boomed cab getting out of a long train journey, the cab driver didn't pick us at the right place, having handful of luggages and infant kid, had to walk till the point he stopped the cab. AC was not working. Even after reaching home tried reaching customer support and still couldnt continue the call till talking to an executive.


Why could not the customer get the payment mode option in the end of the journey that customer can make payment either by Allo Money or Cash, whether he is new or old customer? I faced it personally, I booked here via app Wishing to pay by Allo Money but it's very strange to knew that I could not use the same have to pay in CASH. PLEASE CARE OF IT...


My experience with Allo has always been great,until recently. Last time I had booked a cab,and it was en route to my pick up point. I called the driver and told him I was standing at the entrance of my flats(my pick up point). Later some time,the driver cancelled my ride. When I called him again,... he never pickup my the call.